Mugs not Drugs!

Mugs not Drugs!

We have 20 mugs to give away! For every 100 likes to our facebook page we will give out 20 mugs to the lucky winners – Share and tweet to spread the mug love!

The mugs are crafted from TOP QUALITY MUG MATERIALS and will surely become the centrepiece of any modern kitchen. Designed by our friends at, even variants of tea like Earl Grey may be consumed with its MASSIVE 330ML CAPACITY. The mug has been dip tested with both rich tea and ginger nut biscuits, and comes with a convenient carrying handle. is your source of info and advice about drugs – useful for anyone whether they know someone who has used drugs, have used drugs themselves or simply want to inform themselves. Information about what the drugs are, why people use them, what the risks are, how to recognise and deal with problems, and how to get help in Leeds is available. Please like us on facebook to show your support and follow us on twitter @leedsdropin – the clinic is a free NHS service and we also run totally anonymous drop ins where we don’t record any notes.


  1. Plenty more mugs available – email us at to get yours!

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