Student drop in for any addiction problem

Student drop in for any addiction problem
  • Worried about your drinking?
  • Can’t stop using mephedrone once you’ve started?
  • Concerned that your housemate is using ket every day?
  • Can’t control your spending online?


Completely confidential (no notes taken) drop in available:

Thursdays 2.30-5pm Leeds University Union, Student Advice Centre during term time

Also available are drop in appointments at Leeds Met City Campus, Leeds Met Headingley Campus and Headingley Medical Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other times may also be available. Email to arrange an appointment or call 0113 2952781.

This is a pilot service designed to give people an opportunity to talk to NHS professionals or student volunteers about problems they might feel they can’t discuss with their GP or others. We do not retain any of your personal details so none of what you say will go on your health record.

The staff are doctors and nurses from the Leeds Club Drug Clinic, an NHS service which helps people having problems controlling their use of party drugs. They are experienced in helping people with addiction problems with talking therapies and will be able to let you know what other services are available should you need them. We can help you take a look at how any particular behaviour might be getting out of control and affecting other areas of your life, and help you make a plan to deal with this.

If you are worried about someone else we can provide advice on how best to deal with the situation and what help could be available to them.

In our clinic we often see people who have been struggling with an addiction for years. We hope this service will make it easier for people to get help sooner and stop small problems becoming big problems.

We are constantly reviewing what we offer and are keen to receive any suggestions or feedback.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Leeds Club Drug Clinic please email us. We are involved in providing drop ins and clinical services, and also research and education. We see drug problems as a health issue rather than a criminal one and hope to use our experience to guide future recommendations relating to the harms of drugs.

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