5 signs you are doing too much ketamine

5 signs you are doing too much ketamine

1. Ending up in vulnerable situations

Ketamine is an anaesthetic so when you use it you can be extremely vulnerable. People have ended up walking naked into stranger’s apartments or staggering about in the road. As you don’t have your wits about you you can be robbed, raped or run over. Even if you only do ketamine once if it puts you in danger it counts as TOO MUCH! Always be careful with dosing especially if you aren’t used to the effects. Sometimes people do ketamine by accident thinking it is cocaine or mephedrone.

2. Bladder problems

Ketamine can cause severe irreversible bladder damage. If you are finding yourself going to the toilet all the time, or getting pain in that region, then you’ll need more than cranberry juice.. Because you are doing TOO MUCH ketamine!

3. Using in the week and/or by yourself

Ketamine can be addictive. Not physically addictive with withdrawal symptoms, but with strong cravings to use – especially if you are wanting to block out problems you might be dealing with. Even people who have needed bladder surgery can find it difficult to stop. Most people don’t start off using 7 grams a day, but it can get that bad, and that starts by using little bits here and there until you are definitely using TOO MUCH!

4. Relationship problems

If your use of ketamine is straining your relationship with your partner or friends this is a sign you are doing TOO MUCH! If you are constantly separating your mind from your body then you probably aren’t giving enough attention to your nearest and dearest. Or doing the washing up or other little things that brighten up the day of those around us. If you then start using ketamine to cope with the stress that this causes then things get even worse.

5. Work/study/money problems

Missing work, missing deadlines and missing bill payments are all worrying signs if due to your ketamine use. If you can see that your use of ketamine has started to affect these areas of your life –  leaving you penniless or with such bad concentration that you can’t focus on studying or work then it is time to maybe reduce how much you’re using, because it is TOO MUCH!


You can find more about ketamine here including what it is, why people take it, real life stories, how to help yourself and where to get help

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