2013: So the world didn’t end. What now?

2013: So the world didn’t end. What now?

January is an excellent month to reflect on things – including our use of drugs. (As indeed are the other 11 months).


Many people choose it as a time to embark on a healthier lifestyle, knock alcohol on the head and as the holiday season ends steer clear of partying too much. What also helps is that people are often completely skint at this time of year.


Spending £20 or more on ketamine or cannabis every day is probably not going to help you achieve your economic goals, and unlikely to be leading to great eternal happiness either.


So if you have decided to keep things clean for the time being then congratulations, you are likely to feel a lot healthier and wealthier before too long – use the time and money you have freed up for more positive things and getting more out of life.


However January can also be a bit miserable, and you might be struggling to find alternative ways of relieving the boredom and general greyness. Remember that when you use drugs to alleviate these then you tend to be postponing and worsening the problem rather than sorting it out. The world will seem uninspiring and sad after a 4 day mepehedrone binge, and drug induced paranoia won’t help – don’t forget that your state of mind owes a lot to the chemicals you have consumed and they are very much part of the problem.


Trouble starts when drug use presents itself as the solution to the problem it is causing.


Ketamine Group planned for January 14th start


Deciding whether or not to do something about your ketamine use can be difficult. For this reason we are planning a group to meet for 4 sessions to help people decide whether they want or need to do something about it.


The group will be led by staff from the Leeds Club Drug Clinic and a former ketamine user.


If you would be interested in this group please email us on leedsdropin@gmail.com


Provisional dates are Jan 14th, 21st, 28th and Feb 11th but subject to change. We would envisage between 6 and 12 people in the group depending on demand.


We are constantly developing services and welcome ideas and suggestions.


Happy New Year!



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