“I used to be a drug addict” – real life story of ketamine and mephedrone addiction

“I used to be a drug addict” – real life story of ketamine and mephedrone addiction

Someone who is now recovering from addiction to party drugs was kind enough to share their story. If you are concerned at all about your or someone else’s drug use please contact us at Leeds Club Drug Clinic leedsdropin@gmail.com or call 0113 295 2781

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I used to be a drug addict

I used to be a drug addict. I still think about and dream about drugs every day but I’m still clean and
enjoy an ace life now and would never change what I’ve done as I have learned a lot about myself
and other people while on drugs in my life. But I wish I could forget about drugs, because no matter
how long I go without drugs I still think about them. Never touch drugs if you haven’t before, they
may make you feel amazing and euphoric at the time but if you get addicted they can make you turn
into someone your are not and can ruin your life and encourage criminal activity without realising
you’re involved in it and can lead you to gangsters, a dangerous lifestyle to be involved in. It’s an
addictive lifestyle once you’re in and hard to leave. It can destroy friendships and family, as you
become self destructive, depressed and selfish (even if you don’t mean to), it is sad for everyone
to have to watch and sad for yourself. No matter how good looking you are, it ruins your looks BIG
TIME, and can take a while to get back to normal once you finally stop.

With ket I started using little bits when out clubbing and with mates. It gradually led to using alone in
my bedroom going into my own fantasy world, and using little bits every day. My tolerance meant I
needed 1 gram lines to come close to a ket hole – I even gave presentations at work with ket hidden
in my socks ready for afterwards. At the time I didn’t think there was a problem and it wasn’t until
I noticed I was weeing all the time and my bladder was weak. I went on holiday for 2 weeks which
gave me a break. Cravings were strong for 2 or 3 weeks then reduced until they went after about 3

Later with mcat I started using a year after I stopped ketamine. I was hardly using drugs at that
time, and usually only drank alcohol. Someone offered me a “legal high” and I didn’t think it would
do anything. It felt like the first time I ever did ecstasy and I started using it every weekend straight
away. Within 3 months I was using every day, even at work. I even risked my life playing sport – I
thought I was going to have a heart attack at one point. I went round in circles with it for 2 years,
and have found it the hardest drug to break away from. If you can go one month without it it gets
a lot easier, but if you slip up once you start to get cravings again and are back to square one. I’ve
been off for 2 months and feel great – happier, fitter and have a marathon planned soon.

When you first stop mcat, you get really restless and bored but if you can find a hobby like exercise and
sport or even meditation to calm you down it gives you some sense of control in your life. This has
helped me massively and has made the biggest impact on my life since I first took drugs.

I was addicted to cocaine, then Ket, then Mcat, and even pure Caffeine Powder (lol), and of course
Ecstasy pills and MDMA but I am one of the lucky ones who has come out of the other side, I
might have a coke nose but I have sorted myself out and look half decent now still, and fair play, I
probably drink a bit more alcohol than I used to but at least I know not to let it take over my life to
an addiction. I love life again, and I play football 4 times a week and run half marathons. I used to do
drugs every day but I have managed to get out of it, I enjoy work, my social life and family life, you
can escape the misery of drugs and enjoy a euphoric life without drugs using natural highs such as

If you have a drug problem, take it day by day step by step and it is do-able. If you have some good close friends they will help you through it like mine did. If you have a slip up when trying to stay off drugs don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s a slip up, don’t worry, just keep trying. Stay strong & beat drugs!! YOU CAN ALL DO IT, you just need a bit of determination….and focussing on the things that give you true happiness.

Talking about your problem really helps – you can mask it from yourself, and it helps you stop swapping one thing for another. I’d recommend seeking help for anyone who thinks they might need it. It might be nerve wracking at first but it can help you figure out why you are taking drugs and help you make real

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