University survey finds Leeds has highest rate of drug use in UK

University survey finds Leeds has highest rate of drug use in UK

A survey of over 5000 students found high reported rates of drug use across the UK. Leeds was highest with 85% drug use.

It is likely that the figures given are an overestimate, however recreational drug use is fairly prevalent across the whole UK, particularly in cities with a large student and young person population.

At Leeds Club Drug Clinic we have had over one hundred referrals for ketamine, mephedrone and GHB addiction since we started in December 2011. Many have started using drugs whilst at university but not stopped once they had graduated. Ketamine, mephedrone and GHB seem to be more addictive than other party drugs like MDMA, LSD or magic mushrooms. If you are finding yourself doing these more frequently then you should ask yourself are you genuinely getting pleasure from the drug or are you using it to self medicate low mood, anxiety or escape stresses in your life. If this is the case then consider stopping or reducing your use – recreational drugs are not very effective at solving these problems long term! And often make them worse..

Two key messages for people using these drugs is that some can be addictive and that all street drugs can be unpredicatable with sometimes dangerous effects.

The Daily Mail’s report can be found here and the original article from The Tab student newspaper here

Across the Universities surveyed:

68% reported cannabis use

46% MDMA

45% Nitrous Oxide

29% Cocaine

25% Ketamine

22% Mephedrone

Only 4% said they needed drugs for a good night out.

Remember that as drugs are illegal there is no control over actual contents – pills sold as MDMA may contain PMA, synthetic cannabis may contain powerful hallucinogens and doses and purities can all vary. The safest thing is to avoid altogether, but if you choose to take drugs then start low and go slow and take care of your friends. See our be safe section for more info.

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