PMA – ‘start low, go slow’…maybe even say no?



This has been in the media for a while now so apologies if we’re a little late to the party.

PMA (para-methoxyamphetamine fact fans) has been linked to deaths and has specific risks which should be heard above the general wolf-crying (as things stand I’d suggest krokodil fits into this category with people wanting to be the first to raise the alarm about the next big thing).

With PMA thre are three things you should know:

         Pound for pound (milligram for milligram) it is stronger than MDMA

         It takes longer to ‘come up’ on PMA than MDMA

         The lethal dose is perilously close to the effective dose

It’s therefore probably worth avoiding PMA if at all possible but if you are considering using something you think it might be present in the old mantra ‘start low go slow’ definitely applies (which means not necking a batch before going into a club because you think you are going to be searched).

 Further details:

There’s a useful article on this site which was set up by David Nutt who for some reason wanted to be able to independently employ scientific judgement without political interference.

This was in Mixmag by the author of Drugs 2.0 (worth a read).

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